Here are the questions and answers our clients most frequently ask us. Of course, if your questions aren’t answered here, we are happy to answer them. Simply contact us or schedule a call.

General Questions

A. Yes! All of our Listing Strategists are licensed real estate agents in the state of Ohio. They will handle all the details of your sale including marketing, buyer negotiation, and transaction management. Every Listing Strategist goes through the same Exactly training and follows the same process for every property that they work on.

A. Yes! We are part of the Multiple Listing Service and work with all other real estate brokerages.

A. Yes! Exactly is an Ohio Licensed Real Estate Brokerage with fiduciary duties to our clients. The principal broker for Exactly is Kevin Wasie.

A. We charge a single flat cost for each of our services, no matter the price of the house, instead of a commission fee based on a percentage of the sale price.
B. Our proprietary process and proprietary software designed to save our clients money and create the best home selling experience in the universe.
C. Every single home we works on goes through the same process. Instead of hiring an individual agent that does things their own way, all of our properties are treated the same.

A. Yes! The Exactly process does not work well for homes that need an extensive amount of repairs.
B. We also do not work with banks or any commercial sellers, because we love homeowners and decided to focus all of our attention on creating an amazing, specialized home-selling experience.

A. No. Exactly only works with residential properties.

A. You may cancel your agreement at anytime prior to the expiration date and only pay us for the work that we have completed per the prices below.

For example: If you hire us, and we complete an in-home consultation, a pricing analysis, and take photographs, you would pay us $1,150.

  • Property Price Analysis: $550
  • In-Home Consultation: $400
  • Photography: $450
  • Marketing Preparation and Advertising: $3,200
  • Negotiation on any presented offers: $800 per offer negotiated.
  • Additional visits, while your home is active (showings, inspections, etc): $200 per visit

If you sell the house to any buyer that found the property because of our efforts within the following 1-year, you will owe us the full listing fee acknowledged below.


A. Our pricing is based on the amount of work that we do. The work to sell a $600k house is the same amount of work to sell a $200k house. The price should be the same, too.

There are a few reasons:

  1. We have perfected our process — Just like an expert painter can paint a beautiful sunset quicker and easier than a beginner, we know where to put our energy to get the best results for our clients. Experience counts.
  2. When you hire Exactly, you are hiring the company itself to sell your home, not an individual agent. We are a direct-to-consumer business model.Think about it like “cutting out the middle man” … Traditional real estate brokerages have 100’s of independent contractors that often complete very few Average Transactions Per Agent.  Exactly Listing Strategists are highly skilled and follow the Exactly process for every property that we work on.
  3. And finally … Technology has changed quite a bit since the 1950’s. However, real estate agent commissions have not. Frankly, we don’t understand how this has happened. We decided to charge what we believe is a fair price for the standard work that we do for our clients.

A. Of course not.

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you one thing, and then does something else entirely? So do we! That’s why there are no hidden fees with Exactly. If you’re going to be charged for something, you will always have known about this and approved it from the beginning.

In any real estate transaction, there are legal and community-based fees due from the seller such as transfer tax to your county, title and escrow fees, your mortgage payoff, etc. These types of fees are obviously outside of our control, though we will do our best to make you aware of them from the get go.

We will also work on your behalf to decrease any fees and negotiate the highest net return for you as a seller.

A. You pay us when your home sells. Unless you request otherwise, our fee is deducted from your proceeds at the time of closing through the title company.

If your house does not sell, you do not pay us anything.


A. You only get one first impression with a buyer. So, it is important that your home is represented in the best possible light across all marketing platforms.

This includes an in-home consultation to discuss your home’s unique selling features, as well as any potential red flags. Then, a professional photographer will take interior and exterior photos.

We will complete a professionally copy-written home “story” that details all of your home’s best features.

These photos and listing information will be used for all of the websites, social media, and in-home print-advertising included with our marketing package.

Exactly lists your home on the Multiple Listing Service as well as 100’s of other home portals such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, homes.com, Etc.

We hold an open house within the first 2 weeks of your home being active, and we continuously keep you updated of any changes to the market that could affect your home value.

A. As well as the Multiple Listing Service, Exactly partners with a listing syndication company that ensures your home appears on 100’s of internet websites, including: Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com, Homes.com.

There are too many to list.

Don’t want to lose sleep over selling your house?

Choose Exactly and be worry-free.