How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

The first step is to make sure that we are a good match for each other.

We cannot work on every home we get a call about, so this phone call is to determine if your home is a good fit for the Exactly process. This is where you’ll get your questions answered, and discuss our process, pricing, and timelines. If we both agree that this is a good fit, then you’ll hire us by signing a Standard Listing Agreement with our company.

You can download the Exactly Transparent Listing agreement at this link here.

Step 2: In-Home Walkthrough

Now that you’ve connected with us, you’ll be paired with a Listing Strategist who will come to your home and meet with you in person. They will walk through your home to discuss staging strategies and address any areas of concern (and the same person will be with you all the way through the last step). This meeting also gives them an opportunity to learn more about your home to determine a recommended listing price. You will have an in-depth conversation about the details of your sale and they will help spot any red flags in your plan.

Step 3: Pricing Analysis

After viewing your home, your Listing Strategist will complete a thorough competitive pricing analysis to recommend a listing price and strategy with you. This will compare your property to other nearby properties, making adjustments for the differences in your home. Once complete, we will review this with you in person.

The decision on what to list your home for is always left up to you. Our job is to give you accurate data so that you can make an informed decision to maximize your return.

You can view a sample analysis at this link here.

Step 4: Marketing

“You only get one first impression”

A professional photographer will take pictures of your property to showcase it in the most desirable light. These photos will be edited and used, along with a professionally copy-written home “story”, on all of the websites, digital advertising, and in-home print advertising.

Step 5: Negotiation

When an offer is submitted on your property, your Listing Strategist will let you know right away and set up a time to meet with you privately in person or over the phone. They will work with you to negotiate the best terms for your sale to meet your plan. Exactly uses the Black Swan Negotiation method and all negotiation is done as a team. We utilize all of the historical data from our proprietary offers database for information on the market and other similar offers.

Step 6: Transaction Management

When we have an executed contract for your property, your Listing Strategist will handle all of the details and communication between the title company, lender, and buyers. They will also handle any potential negotiation for repair items.

Step 7: Closing

Your Listing Strategist will provide you with a Moving- Day Checklist and handle all of the scheduling for your home to change ownership. They will also arrange for the keys to be delivered and ensure that all of the final paperwork and processing is complete.

Don’t want to lose sleep over selling your house?

Choose Exactly and be worry-free.