Pricing Details


When you sell a property with real estate brokers in Ohio, there are two different real estate brokerage fees that sellers are responsible for: 1) The listing agent fee, and 2) The buyer agent fee.

Typically, these fees are grouped into one for simplicity. Most people think of the total cost of these fees as 6% of the price of the house.

Exactly is a flat-fee, full-service real estate brokerage. This means that we charge a flat cost for the listing agent fee. This offers a savings to sellers… the more expensive the home, the more of a savings.

All fees are due at closing from the proceeds of your property.

Listing Agent Fee

  1. You pay $4,800 to Exactly.
  2. We represent you through the entire sale process
  3. We handle everything including staging recommendations, pricing analysis, professional market, showings, negotiations, transaction management and closing.

Buyer Agent Fee:

  1. As an incentive to other real estate agents to bring their clients to your property, the seller offers a buyer agent commission. The seller is able to set this amount when the house is initially advertised.
  2. The buyer agent commission is typically a percentage of the sales price. While there is no “standard” buyer agent commission, most of our clients pay “3% on the first $100,000, plus 2% on the remainder of the purchase price”
  3. We help you set an attractive buyers agent commission for your goals and you pay a buyers agent an agreed upon commission that was set up front.

Buyers agent commissions can typically range from 2%-3% of the homes selling price.

How to set a buyers agent commission:

We want to help you decrease your sales expenses. To assist with this, we help you set an attractive buyers agent commission for your goals.

First, we review previous home sales in your area to look for trends in buyer agent commissions. This can be area specific. For instance, homes in Hudson typically have a higher average buyer agent commission than homes in Massillon.

Second, we review your goals with you to determine how you would like to incentivize other agents to show your home. If you have a lot of time, and are willing to test the market, you may be okay decreasing the buyers agent commission. If, on the other hand, you need to sell your home in the next 30 days no-matter-what, you may want to offer more commission to a buyers agent.

Third, we review your home and its ease to sell. If you have a well maintained home, that is attractive to buyers, you may be able to decrease the buyers agent commission because your home will “sell itself”. However, if you have a home with deferred maintenance, or other factors that deter buyers, you may want to set a higher buyers agent commission.

We set a custom buyers agent commission based on your goals and your home.


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